Our Cause

Our Cause: Reforestation

What is Reforestation?

Reforestation is the purposeful replenishing of forests and woodlands that have been depleted

In what way is reforestation a positive initiative?

Reforestation projects are driven by a positive initiative. 

Reforestation plays a vital role in combating climate change.  Trees absorb carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas that fuels global warming.  Each tree we plant is another hero in the fight against global warming.  Reforestation always occurs as a result of human intervention, only through planned reforestation can deforestation be reversed and global warming combatted.

Reforestation also restores the habitat and homes of numerous animals.  Over 3,000 vertebrate species and an uncountable number of invertebrates depend on forest habitat and nearly one-third of federally listed threatened and endangered species are forest dwellers.

Forests are a natural storage system for rainwater.  They maintain the water cycle of an ecosystem by slowing down the aridity of the atmosphere and prevents lakes from losing moisture and drying up. 

Reforestation comes with reforestation jobs.  Reforestation provides local communities with jobs for tree planters, reforestation equipment operators, and nurseries.